4th Grade Citizenship and Human Rights
4th Grade Citizenship and Human Rights
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4th Grade Citizenship and Human Rights


The aim of this programme is to start teaching the 4th grade students the conceptual information together with the idea of human rights, the basic values of citizenship and democracy.  Moreover, it enables the students to use this information and values as their life style and culture.

The way of living can be in a form of individual-individual, individual-society, society-society, individual-state, society-state.

These relationships can exist as harmonious and regular rules of law, both in a written or non-written form.

The values taught within the scope of this education programme are recognized as the ones which strengthen and organize these relationships.

The aim of the Human Rights and Citizenship lessons programme is to educate individuals who represent the following features:

- Carry and apply humanitarian values.

-Discover the privilege of having rights, freedom and responsibility as a child.

-Have responsibility to use their rights and freedom.

-Control justice and equality to develop human rights and culture of democracy.

-Contribute to the process of making democratic decisions based on cooperation and information.

-Search for consensus in solving problems of community life.

-Support development and protection of rights and freedom, according to existing rules.

-Embrace active citizenship and act accordingly.

- Have responsibility to improve and develop the conditions of living in a community.

We also aim to educate citizens who understand how to contribute to the development of the Republic and its values, as well as in the field of human rights and citizenship.

Human Rights and Citizenship Education Programme includes teaching humanistic, national, spiritual, and universal values.

It focuses on open-minded way of thinking, justice, friendship, equality, sharing, love, importance of family union, sensitivity, trust, patience, responsibility, respect, and notions of freedom.