The Republic: A Heroic Epic
The Republic: A Heroic Epic
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The Republic: A Heroic Epic


Çevre College celebrated the 96th anniversary of the Republic with a magnificent ceremony that befitted its dignity.

The ceremony, attended by approximately 1500 guests, was held in the school yard on Tuesday, October 29. The elaborate demonstrations of Çevre College teachers and students were exhibited by an epic production.

The ceremony commenced proudly and excitedly with a procession carrying posters of Atatürk and a giant flag. It proceeded with the performances along with the barcovision show. The drama in which the heroes of the Republic were depicted, folk dances and modern dance performances were among the most spectacular moments of the ceremony and the pulse - flag team shows, the choir of parents and teachers received great applause from the audience. Everyone was moved when the students of Çevre College made a pledge before the spiritual presence of Atatürk to build a bright future.

At the end of the ceremony, everyone sang along the marches and cheered ‘Long Live the Republic’ while the shower of confetti was falling on them.

For those who could not participate in the ceremony, but wanted to experience this wonderful atmosphere, the entire ceremony was broadcast live.

As Çevre College, we are proud to have organised yet another unforgettable ceremony and wish many 96 years following the path illuminated by Atatürk…