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From The School Principal

80% of intellegence development is completed by the age of seven. Until the age of three, a child’s brain works 2.5 times more than an adult’s brain. Until the age of six a kid’s brain works twice as fast as a proffesor’s brain.These scientific datas are few but significant examples of understanding the importance of early age childhood education.

Çevre College Kindergartens provide educational environments which are prepared especially for our children to support their social, emotional,, mental and physical developments. Our kindergartens take the essential point of each child being unique and different, so adapt the ‘’Creative Games and Multiple Intellegences’’ program, which suits everyone, and mix it with the institutional culture to create a suitable program. We think that curiosity, which is at top level during preschool period, is very important for a child to learn permenantly. According to the learning levels of our children, we support their curiosity and learning desires by visual, auditory and sensory stimulants. We then use everything they learned as a step for the next level. Branch lessons; Music, Percussion, Visual Arts, Swimming, Physical Education, Chess and Club lessons; ballet, modern dance, gymnastics, piano form a significant part of our education program.

As Çevre College Kindergartens, our priority is to prepare a safe, relaxed and confident environment for children, as they are in a social environment for the first time and to have a healthy engagement with their teacher. What we aim is; to encourage happy, responsible, self-confident, socially independent, caring people, fluent in a second language and aware of their surroundings, who will become world citizens.

When you visit us to familiarize yourselves with our school , we will be honored to share more details and to see you and your child as a part of our happy family. 

Best regards…

School Principal
Erenköy Kindergarten Principle