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Why am i in Cevre Schools?


· I not only love my Ata but I know him and understand him. Thanks to the education I get, I always feel his presence with me.

· I learn to use my mother tongue in a right and good way.

· With a very intense English program I learn English in the company of expert Turkish and Native teachers.

· I get ready for the next institute of education and, most important of all, I get ready for my adult life.

· I explore my talents and interests and have the chance to improve them.

· I attend cultural, art and sports activities; I learn my own culture and am raised as a respectful individual towards other cultures.

· As an environmently friendly individual, I try to protect nature and natural resources and I am aware of the importance of recycling.

· I can adapt to changes quickly and I use information and technology effectively.

· I share the same feelings as my friends. I am happy to be here and I love my school very much!