ESU-English Speaking Union
ESU-English Speaking Union
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International English Public Speaking Competition


English Speaking Union, ESU, founded by the support of the Royal Family in London, England, has the mission to give young people the speaking and listening skills and cultural understanding they need to thrive. There are over 50 international English Speaking Unions around the world working to promote proficiency in spoken English as a means of cultural exchange and understanding.

 “International English Public Speaking Competition”, which brings together students aged 16 to 20 from more than 50 countries around the world, is the major annual organization of this union. Each union in different countries, organizes its own national competition choosing one winner to represent the country in the international final in London.

As Çevre College, we have been attending the ESU Public Speaking Competition in Turkey and in the last two years our students were chosen the first to represent Turkey in the international finals in London.