Our studies for University Exam (YKS)
Our studies for University Exam (YKS)
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In Çevre College, from the 9th grade in all class levels, the works have been done to boost the TYT and AYT achievement. Some of these works are directly for TYT and AYT and some of them indirectly support the achievement of TYT and AYT.

We are aware that for a student to have a successful TYT and AYT preparation process and to get their maximum performance first begin at school. Without having an effective background at school, a high TYT and AYT success can’t be achieved only with the outside supplements. So, for this reason in our school, TYT and AYT studies have been maintained with its best academic teaching quality.

The way to enter an exam fully equipped is a good preparation process. To make our students be ready for the TYT and AYT exam, we firstly tell them the TYT and AYT system in a detailed way. We organize “TYT and AYT seminars” to inform our students and their parents. After these seminars, we also give support for the students who need to be informed individually during the whole school year.

Individual appointment studies with course teachers are done in accordance with the purpose of closing the shortcomings of each student towards TYT and AYT. These studies can be in the form of lectures or question solution according to student needs. By means of these studies, individual deficiencies of each student are covered. These individual studies conducted with each student allow the student to close the gap according to the learning speed and individual characteristics. Our 11th and 12th grade college preparatory courses that we started last year are continuing this year, as well.