“Pi Day” At Çevre College
“Pi Day” At Çevre College
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“Pi Day” At Çevre College


A competition named “Katamino” was held for 8th graders during the “World Pi Day” which is organised to emphasize the most known number “∏ 3,14”. For this competition four students were selected from each class. At the end of the competition Şükrü Ege Yücel, Ömer Kayra Kılıçlar, Berfin Akıncı and Denizhan Köksal from 8A won the first prize. Also “Pi Logos” designed by our 5th and 6th graders were displayed. “Pi Logos” which were designed by our 5th grade students  Ayşe Duru Yapar and Dize Naz Salman were chosen as the best ones. Our students were awarded with Pi keyrings printed out by our 3D printer.