Project and Activities
Project and Activities
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Project and Activities


Our 3rd and 4th grade students participate in MATBEG exams. MATBEG is an application developed for primary and secondary school levels that has different types and numbers of unusual problems, which are developed to enable students to become "creative problem solvers" for each grade level.

Our students at all levels of the primary school also participate in Kangaroo exams upon request. The Kangaroo exam aims to increase students' interest in mathematics and improve their mathematical skills, especially with creative problems selected from daily life.

In addition, our students' participation in competitions such as the Turkish intelligence Foundation and the Istanbul Science Olympics is encouraged.

World Pi Day is celebrated as Maths Day with museum trips, competitions and various events.

Our students are supported with Çevre Publications, digital resources, acquisition-oriented additional resources, skill-based additional resources, mathematical games and laboratory activities to nurture their individual differences, and their development is followed through exams.