At the  15th Book Fest “Read, Think, Live”
At the 15th Book Fest “Read, Think, Live”
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At the  15th Book Fest “Read, Think, Live”


Organised by the Literature Department, Çevre College held its 15th annual Book Fest titled ‘Read, Think, Live’ from the 20th-22nd December, 2017. During this event, Sunay Akın, the guest of honor met with students. 

Apart from having Sunay Akın, we were very pleased to welcome various publishers and writers during this momentous occasion. 

Our school was transformed into a book fair with the participation of 16 experienced writers and 25 publishers.We were indeed privileged to  experience this book fair atmosphere thanks to writer workshops ,signature days , reading workshops…

As part of the 15th annual Book Fest ,the English writer Roger Norman and the Turkish writers ,Haydar Ergülen, Defne Ongun, Uğur Önver, Habib Bektaş, Çiğdem Odabaşı, Fatih Erdoğan, Suzan Geridönmez, Tülin Kozikoğlu, Göknur Birincioğlu, Alp Gökalp, İlkay Marangoz, Öykü Gölemen, Şirvan Ahçıoğlu ve Serap Ergel all shared in our enthusiasm.