‘Atatürk in us’ Themed Composition Contest
‘Atatürk in us’ Themed Composition Contest
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‘Atatürk in us’ Themed Composition Contest?


The founder of Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal  Atatürk  “the great leader” was commemorated on his 78th of anniversary  through  the  events  organized by the teachers and students with great respect, gratitude and longing.

‘Atatürk in us’ themed composition contest was organized in order to emphasize the love for Atatürk with the aim of remembering the “10th of November by the secondary of students.

Güneş Naz Şahin from 5th grade, Nil Güler from 6th grade, Burcu Sevimay from7th grade were announced as the winners of this contest.

We congratulate our students for their excellent work and their dedication to Atatürk.