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11th grade students look at life from a wide perspective in the annual interclass debate activity and try to express themselves in front of public by putting forward arguments on issues they have knowledge about.

Annual 11th Grades Debate Tournament

11A became the Champions of 11th Grades Debate Tournament

The debate teams of Çevre High School, representing 11th grade Science and 11th grade Social Sciences, participated in the semi-final matches of the "11th Grade Debate Tournament" in December. In matches where the topics "Science is a threat to humanity" and "The Internet supports democracy" were debated, the first match resulted in the victory of the government team, advocating that science is a threat, while the second match concluded with the opposition's victory, arguing that the internet does not support democracy. The final took place on January 8th, Monday, with the topic "Private universities provide better education and a brighter future." Both the government and opposition teams presented and defended their ideas successfully. The winning team consisted of Cemre Naz Tansu, Ali Yiğit Kar, Nisan Su Kaya, Kuzey Aydın ve Kerem Büyükbay from the government team. We thank the 11th-grade students for adding color to the debate with their brilliant ideas and English proficiency.