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MATBEG, an application developed for primary and secondary school  levels, aims to enable students to become "creative problem solvers"  by focusing on various ways of problem solving, reasoning and  numeracy activities for each grade level.

MATBEG is held  every year in February and it is applied to 3rd and 4th grades primary school students and to 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades secondary school students. Depending on their grade level, students are expected to solve  12 to 16 problems in each practice.

 The problems are structurally classified in categories such as word problems, visual problems, short story based problems, instrumental and mixed problems.

MATBEG includes a different way of understanding and looking at the content and assessment approaches of the activities such as written exams at schools, mock exams or national and international exams, competitions, etc.

In MATBEG, students' answers are evaluated one by one and as a whole.

Students' mathematical skills levels are determined by analyzing the solutions, and  are followed  by supportive feedback  that aims to improve their skills.

Students participating in MATBEG are not evaluated for the purpose of elimination, ranking, selection or placement. On the contrary, each student is approached according to own knowledge, skills and problem solving status and the feedback given is based on all the aspects mentioned. In