Science Fair - Science and Technology Week Events
Science Fair - Science and Technology Week Events
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Çevre College traditional science fair and Science and Technology Week Events


As Çevre College, we are aware of the importance of its scientific work. We see the benefits of these studies and orientations, especially during primary and secondary school, in the future lives of our students, in career planning and career choice.  Our main goal in traditionally carrying out science fair and Science and Technology Week events every year is to train students who can accurately observe their environment, question the accuracy of their observations, identify problems, produce possible solutions and test them with experiments and observations, and offer different solutions. We aim to contribute to our students being noticed and leading individuals within their communities. For this purpose, every year in the week of March 8 – 14, we do many different activities that involves students between 4th and 8th grades under the scope of Science Fair and Science and Technology Week events. Content and photos of the Science Fair and Science and Technology Week events that we held in 2019 are shared below.

The 18th Çevre Science Fair within the scope of Science and Technology Week events was held between 8 - 14 March 2019. The activities were held for one week with the participation of 710 students from the 4th to the 8th grade.

On the first day of our exhibition, Grade 4 students tested their scientific processes with their advisors from Croda Kimya. They also made measurements, and performed fun experiments in our chemistry laboratory with the results they obtained.

With our 8th grade students we had an interview with Dr. Kazem Azizi. Our students learned a lot about the formation of the universe, the future, the nature of matter, the formation of atoms, the newly discovered subatomic particles, the aims of CERN and PANDA experiments, and what they have brought into the world of science.

In the science competition in which the knowledge and instant task performances were evaluated, all our 7th grade students had the opportunity to compete using their knowledge and skills. Our students were  able to use their teamwork, design and creativity skills to respond to questions that were asked. During the competition, students displayed good examples of team work.

Approximately 45 projects of 5th and 6th-grade students were exhibited in the foyer area. Our students' skills in exhibiting creativity and point of view were very impressive for our guests and our visitors.

On the last day of our event, on 14 March, Assoc. Dr. Fabienne Dumoulen met with our students. In her speech, she talked about the importance of radiation therapy that can be used with chemicals in cancer treatment. She shared information about R & D activities for Chemical Industry at Gebze Technical University.

After the music performance of our 8th-grade students, the awards were given to the 5th, 6th students and also 7th-grade students who showed great performance with their projects.