Aliya Noor
Aliya Noor
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I have two kids. My son was born on 06.02.2005 and at the moment is attending Year 2 in a private school in Malta, my daughter was born on 16.02.2007 and is attending prep class in the same school as my son. Unfortunately my both kids do not speak any Turkish and obviously it will take some time for them to learn it sufficient enough to attend school with Turkish only language of administration. That is why I am looking for a school where main subjects are taught in English. Needles to say that private schools in Malta are much more affordable than in Istanbul. I have been searching for suitable school for quite a long time, but to be honest, I must say that tuition fees are pretty high in Turkey. On other hand, as my kids since they were 2,5 years were attending one of the top school here in Malta and they are used to high standard of education, I want them to continue education in a similar environment. I was told that your school is one of well known in Istanbul.

I look forward to hearing from you.
My best regards