“Song of the Forest“ Theater Play
“Song of the Forest“ Theater Play
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“Song of the Forest“ Theater Play


Çevre Kindergarten students had an enjoyable time watching a musical play called “Song Of The Forest”. The topic of the play staged by Tiyatro Alkış was as follows:

”The squirrel played the banjo,  the monkey played the violin, the rabbit played the flute and the koala played the qanun.

A song can be heard from the  depths of the jungle and the inhabitants of the forest are eagerly awaiting their friends to accompany this song.

  The storyteller begins to explain: ‘One day the animals of the forest meet..

 The forest animals who live in harmony are in trouble. Trees are burning as a result of careless people. Damaged to the forest forces them to leave their nests. All the animals are determined to stop this. But there is a problem they have to overcome: How can they explain this to the people who destroyed their forests?