Tree Houses
Tree Houses
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Tree Houses

We learned ‘’Tree House’’ unit which is extended in GEMS program, during the month of December. Students made observations at the garden. Students observed trees and their bark. They made question and answer exercises such as, “How does a tree structure?, How many parts do trees have?, Which animals live in the tree?,  What is the importance of trees for the universe?’’ Moreover, we made mathematic and group exercises by counting the holes of trees.
Students made tree houses from recycling materials in their classroom. They watched presentations about ‘’Bears, Raccoons and Owls’’ so that we have learned their features their feeding styles.
After learning these animals, they made a raccoon and bear craft from the recycling materials again. They dramatized ‘’Raccoon Food Hunter’’ game.  We collected nuts, and we created mathematic activities. Students made owls from recycled paper bags and then learned their species and they put them in our classroom’s tree house. All of the students participated in the activities eagerly. GEMS programs enabled Çevre students to be aware of their environment and supported them in science and mathematics activities.