Ant Houses
Ant Houses
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Ant Houses


The subject of the courses that were held during the month of April in the. GEMS Program ders (Applied Education) at the Environmental College Kindergartens was “Ant Houses Çevre this time.

The journey to the world of ants started with the ant images following the first day from our school entrance to our middle group classes. We observed that our students were very excited about this interesting meeting and their curiosity for ants increased. In our journey into the interesting world of ants while researching the source books and the internet; We have gathered information about the body structure, the forces of the male and female ants, the houses under the ground, the tunnels, the defense of the enemy ants and ants, the life processes.

School nests in the garden to be fed and fed nests and candies etc. We put food. We created an ant farm in our class and found the opportunity to observe them every day.

With the ants we designed, we made counting, grouping symmetry studies according to their varieties, colors, sizes; We played ık Leaf and Ant Game “.

With the support of science and mathematics activities, we learned the wonderful life styles of ants.