A ‘‘ World ’’ of Books
A ‘‘ World ’’ of Books
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A ‘‘ World ’’ of Books


We are living the pride and joy of our 17th annual Cevre College Book Fair. Besides, the participaton of very valuable writers and activities several publishers were a guest at our school.

While our Erenkoy and Batı Atasehir prep class students met one of the our children’s book writers Asena Yurtsever, our 3 year old and 4 year old students had the oppurtunity to meet Vivet Pitelon Sparkes. After listening to the stages on how a book is written the writers did a fun-filled activity. At the end of the converstation and activities our students got excited about getting their books signed and meeting with a writer.

At these early stages while are children are understanding the importance and love about books they had the chance to pick out and buy appropriate books for their ages. Hoping to many more fairs and days full of reading…