Çevre College ”For The Sake Of The  Crescent’’
Çevre College ”For The Sake Of The  Crescent’’
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Çevre College ”For The Sake Of The  Crescent’’


The heroism that had been witnessed in the Dardanelles front line was commemorated with a ceremony organized by Çevre College teachers and students. The March 18th Dardanelles victory online ceremony was supported with unique recordings prepared with special permissions.

On the Rememberance Day, “For The Sake Of The Crescent” commemorated with the excellent folk songs and poems performed by our students, the audience experienced countless emotional moments.

Çevre College once more remembers the hero Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the Martyrs and the Veterans who had devoted their own lives to the country and nation. We honour all those who lost their lives fighting for the country, the memory of their heroic deeds will be kept alive forever.

Thank to them we can look forward to the future with hope!