Çevre Primary School Maths Olympics
Çevre Primary School Maths Olympics
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Çevre Primary School Maths Olympics


Every year Çevre College organizes “Mathematics Olympics” to discover the mathematicians of the future, to develop the abilities of decision making and quick thinking, to let our students experience a friendly rivalry atmosphere and to improve our students’ self-confidence and interpretation skills.

The students who were successful at eliminations have earned the right to join in the finals of our “16th Mathematics Olympics”. According to the final competitions;

4th Grade winners are 1.  Edis Gözütok 2. Ayşe Neva Yirmibeş, 3. Elif  Yalıç

5th Grade winners are  1. Mehmet Efe Eren 2. Mert Oraman  3. Ayda Özbiler

6th Grade winners are  1. Can Baha Erdem 2. Toprak Özlü  3. Arda Berk Girgiç

7th Grade winners are 1. Ömer Enes Tekin 2. Ata Bora Ceyhan  3. Uzay Arslan

8th Grade winners are 1.Doruk Yazgan 2. Akad Dora Erol  3. Umut Ersöz