Destination Imagination Poland
Destination Imagination Poland
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Destination Imagination Poland


From the 10th-14th March, 2018, 14 students from the 6th grade participated in the International Destination Imagination Creativity Festival which was held in Wroclaw, Poland, where hundreds of teams from Poland participated. A selection of teams from different countries  were invited to the festival and we were among those. The students were accompanied by their English teacher Margaret Işıklar and Science teacher Gülnihal Yıldırım as their Team Managers.

At the Opening ceremony of the festival our students were proud to represent their country and school, walking in the parade together with teams from different countries.

During the festival the Science team presented the Team Challenge (a short drama) and the English team performed a short dance show with a Turkish song on stage. Both performances were very successful.

The students also took part in the Buddy Team Challenge which combined two teams from different countries and involved solving a challenge together. It required co-operation, teamwork and communication skills at the highest level, but was a great experience overall that gave them a chance to form new friendships.

Our students participated in Instant Challenges and workshops which gave them an opportunity to practise their creativity again.

The students also had the pleasure of seeing some interesting places in Wroclaw and returned to Turkey with hearts full of wonderful memories and experiences.