Art Festival of Çevre College at İstanbul Archeology Museum
Art Festival of Çevre College at İstanbul Archeology Museum
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Art Festival of Çevre College at İstanbul Archeology Museum


Between 16th January and 25th February  Cevre College Mixed Art Exhibition “Different Times, Similar Lives” was presented to the visitors in the Assos Hall of  Istanbul Archeology Museum.

Cevre College students have always shown deep  respect  to  their  historical heritage and made every effort to pass it on to future generations. This exhibition made all the art lovers see and understand our students’ big interest in ancient civilizations.

We congratulate all the students who worked hard for the exhibition, and the teachers who taught, guided and supported them.

Some of the opinions and evaluations written in the visitors' book about the exhibition are as follows:


“You created enormous ideas in your tiny hearts and turned them  into reality. The future will be saved by you and us. Lots of love to you all!

Ecem Özsüt, Serhat Yüce”


“You are wonderful young people!

Archaeologist Bensen Ünlüoğlu”


“I graduated from Cevre College in 2016, I am currently studying at Galatasaray High School. I am surprised and very pleased to see the exhibition. Love.

Gökalp Payanda”


“I came here without knowing I would find such an exhibition. It’s good that I’m here. It made me so happy to see a wonderful idea,  great effort and children’s hands that touched the past. I Iwould like to thank everyone who worked hard, helped and contributed to this project. Most of all I would like to thank you kids because you are our hope. Best wishes to you,  you are wonderful.

Burcu from Kadıköy.”


“Wonderful artifacts, creative minds. I would like to congratulate your school, especially the written essay is wonderful. Love!”



“We came to visit the archaeology museum. When I saw the art exhibition I was astonished. Then when I visited  Cevre College  I was amazed by the school, and therefore I registered for the entrance exam. Seeing Cevre College’s art work in the museum, my admiration increased. I congratulate you and the students. Every piece in the exhibition is great.”

Ebru Türköz Acar


“Dear friends, as a top-grade history student when I saw your work, my hope for the future has increased a lot. Today, students of your age are often considered as not being interesed and caring about history. It made me very happy to see that I have peers like you who are working hard for history.”

Şeyma Özyay


“Though my parents didn’t believe me when I first told them that my work would be displayed here, they got really proud of me when they saw it in the exhibition. Actually I was also very proud of myself. This is an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. Thanks to my teachers who chose my work to be displayed and thanks to Cevre College.”

Zeynep Tunçelli


I visited the museum with my son, Alperen and we were impressed with the artwork. Thanks to those who contributed.

Dündar Batık - Alperen Batık


I found it very successful. Congratulations to all those who contributed and those who gave the students such a great opportunity.

Murat Gültepe


Thank you so much for the pictures and written work of your little angels.

Samet Yüce - Mehmet Yüce


I loved the Çevre College students’ exhibition, they’re incredibly creative. Thanks to their teachers. I’m proud that my daughter is being educated at this school.



Thanks to the esteemed teachers and talented students who contributed to this work. It was very suitable for my 5th grade daughter as she recently studied those topics.

Emine Ural - Edibe Ural


The exhibition was stunning; I especially admired the comic strips.



I’m a 5th grade student at Kocabaş Barbaros Middle School. I admired your exhibition very much. Thanks to all those who contributed.

Kaan Nural


I felt so proud to see my artwork exhibited. Thank you very much to my teachers.

Deniz Gerdan


It gives us hope for the future to see a generation growing up with such an appreciation of art. Thanks a lot.

Ali Gurur Dulundu - Ceren Özgen