The New Digital Platform ‘Çevre Digital is Online
The New Digital Platform ‘Çevre Digital is Online
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The New Digital Platform ‘Çevre Digital is Online!


We have implemented the new digital magazine platform as Çevre College, which has 20 years of experience in the education sector. With the launch of the platform, the Çevre Highlights and Green Globe magazines published to announce the activities, events, bulletins and developments related to Çevre College to the parents and students will now reach digital readers via  In addition to journals, all the bulletins, brochures, event news, catalogues and all other imagery related to Çevre College will be able to reach digitally every moment.

In this important step taken in the field of digital publishing, we will be able to reach readers through In addition to reading classical magazines, our Çevre College publications will present a new content world to our visitors. Many contents, which have to be given in certain printed formats, can be presented in more effective and striking formats thanks to the digital magazine platform. In addition to the printed publication, our readers will be able to find interesting interactive content on many pages of the journals. The digital versions of video and moving images, multi-media usage, audio files, newsletters, booklets, and promotional activities will be available to readers on this platform. (You can reach to Çevre Digital by clicking here

In addition to ensuring more effective use of the time thanks to the Çevre digital platform, in parallel with our eco-friendly publishing strategy, we will increase the savings in energy resources and provide less paper consumption.