Water Day at Çevre Koleji
Water Day at Çevre Koleji
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Water Day at Çevre Koleji


“Always think it's a water drop.

As beautiful as water, indispensable as water,

And think of it as a life source.

Think that waters in the world are gathered in one well, seven billion people need water from this well. Only one percentage of water in the well is potable fresh water, moreover, our water in the well is getting a little more polluted every day. Think that potable water resources are gradually decreasing.

Therefore, become life-giving, become a saint like water”

On 22nd March, 2019 our primary school students accomplished a “World Water Day” event in the conference hall. First, the 2nd grade students presented their own slogans on stage. Next, the 3rd grade students sang “Water Day” song accompanied by the English teachers. Then, a knowledge contest which concept is “Water” was organized among the 4th graders. Finally, a “Water Day” fashion show took place with the participation of our 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade students. We thank all our students participating in our event which ended with award ceremony.