Gauss Mathematics Contest
Gauss Mathematics Contest
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Gauss Mathematics Contest


Çevre 7th and 8th grade students competed in the International Gauss “Mathematics Contest” which was organized by the Waterloo University,

Canada on 11 May, 2017. The competition assessed both the students ‘ English and Maths level. Emir Kızıltan form 8th grade and Şükrü Ege Yücel from 7th grade achieved 150 points internationally.

They received certificates for their outstanding achievement.  Zeynep Oğuztimur, Alper Mehdi Sametoğlu, Begüm Kül, Teoman Soydan, Ömer Ata Gezici, Ahmet Tunga Bayrak, Elif Gündoğan and Elif Sude Barutçu from 8th grades , Eda Korkmaz, Kaan Çorlu, Alp Doruk Kaya, Efe Yılmaz and Ece İrem Yılmaz from 7th grades entered the list in the top one forth. A certificate ceremony for our successful students took place in our school and their names will be announced on the web page of Waterloo University soon. We are proud of our students’ outstanding success.