Çevre College at Destination Imagination Turkey’s Affiliate Tournament
Çevre College at Destination Imagination Turkey’s Affiliate Tournament
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On March 12-13, 2016, 19 Çevre College students particiapted in this year’s Destination Imagination Affiliate Tournament Turkey. Çevre College had 3 teams in total, 2 English and 1 Science.

6th grade English team “The CevRecyclers” -İrem Öztürk, İdil Ertok, Öykü Deniz Yüzbaşioğlu, Wiktoria Uyar, Nil Arıca, Elif Eylül Özdal, and Yaren Özcan.
5th grade English team, “Çevre Bugs”- Ege Taşlı, Lina Köksal, Berat Nalcıci, Selim Aktürk, Mehmet Can Yaşıbeyli, and Eda Uğürlar.

5th grade science team, “Imagintastic” – Aylin Turgut, Nil Güler, Poyraz Coşkun, Ömer Çankaya, Doruk Yazgan, Işıklalp Pulurluoğlu.

Destination Imagination is an international organization, originally founded in America. It’s mission is for students to use cross-curricular activities to work together in teams and then present their projects in a forum. The best presentation is scored and awarded prizes; however, this is not the goal. The goal is teamwork! This year, Cevre College’s teams began working in October to prepare for this big celebration of creativity. The Affiliate Tournament was held at the Efes Kongre Merkez in Kuşadası, where a total of 2,216 people from all cities in Turkey participated, 277 teams total! Cevre students’ teams presented their challenges on Saturday, then Sunday they had time to explore the area (Efes, Kuşadası, and Şirince). They celebrated the finale of the tournament with a big pizza party amoung all 277 teams. All students worked very hard and learned a lot. Most importantly, they formed lasting friendships and discovered how to trust in each other as a team.