Cevre College Achieved A New Success…
Cevre College Achieved A New Success…
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Cevre College is proud of its great success in various fields that it has achieved repeatedly in the recent years.

13033 projects were presented in the "TUBITAK Project Competition.” Our chemistry project entitled “Chemical Synthesis of Graphene/PEDOT nanocomposites and production of nanofibers of these nanocomposites for the application of super capacitors” was found worthy to participate in the regional finals. The project was advised by the chemistry teacher Deniz GÜLERCAN and prepared by Pelin Kale and Yaren Öztürk.

Cevre College’s project received the third place in the region. This great success allowed Cevre College to supersede many strong opponents from the Asian side of Istanbul.  

We would like to congratulate our students and teacher for their great effort and wish them continued success.