Çevre High School Career Days
Çevre High School Career Days
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Çevre High School Career Days

Organised by the School PSE Counselling department Çevre high school Career Days took place on April 24-25-26 High School Guidance Service. On the first day of the event, we hosted Vice Dean of İstanbul University Çapa Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. Ayşin KALE and Tamer ERGİN, PSE department. Our students received information about the fields of psychology and medicine.

On the second day of the organization we hosted Mustafa Uyar Country, country manager of Logitech. Our students learned about the need to constantly renew and themselves in the ever-changing global world and how the recruitment processes work. He emphasized the need for education to make a difference.

On the last day of the Career Days, our students were given lectures by Prof. Dr. Erkay Savaş of Sabancı University Computer Engineering,; Prof. Dr. Recep İyisan of ITÜ Civil Engineering; the Dean Dr. Yener Ünver and his team of Özyeğin Law School;  Assoc. Dr. Semih Onur Sezer of Sabancı University Industrial Engineering; Lecturer Dr. Bekir Bediz of Sabancı University Mechatronics Engineering, our graduate Emrah Yıldız of  Yıldız Technical University Mechanical Engineering department.

We would like to express our gratitude to all our esteemed guests, who supported us for 3 days in opening our students’ horizons about planning their future.