Democratic Çevre
Democratic Çevre
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Democratic Çevre


Çevre College student council election for 2017-2018 Academic year has been held. During the elections the candidates gave a speech in which they shared with their friends what they wish to achieve during their term as Student Council Presidents.

The candidates from the high school were Ayşe Ezgi DONDURAN (11B) who had the majority of the votes for Student Council Presidency;  Önder YILMAZ (10D), has been voted as Student Council Vice President, Ahmet Tunga BAYRAK (Prep),  has been voted as the Treasurer and Nedret Ceren KÖSE (9C)  has been voted as the Secretary.

As Çevre High School we would like to wish all the students who have been elected best of luck and thank all the other candidates for their courage to participate.