Çevre High School 11th Graders at ITU
Çevre High School 11th Graders at ITU
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Çevre High School 11th Graders at ITU


Çevre College 11th grade students visited ITU High Voltage Laboratory and Natural History and Science Museum on Friday, April 5th. Our science class students had the chance to actively participate in observations and laboratory experiments together with Professor Dr. Özcan KALENDERLİ and his team. Thus, they improved what they had learnt in the Physics class.

 On the other hand, our mathematics class students visited the Museum of Natural History and Science and learned about the rocks and fossils from the engineer Dr. Cengiz KIRMANLI, who answered their questions about geology.

Our students also had the chance to talk about the university life with the valuable teachers at the Faculty of Electrical-Electronics and Mines after these efficient activities.