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Çevre College high school students joined their 7th ISTA festival. ISTA is a drama festival that enhances the artistic side of students and allows them to integrate and mingle with students from all around the world. The trip took place between November 29 to December 5th at a unique place; the Eden Project. 10 students traveled to this unique site which supports sustainability and includes biomes which will be the world’s future ecosystem. They visited the Rainforest and Mediterranean Biomes, completed their ensemble training and workshop education within this haven.  Students from international schools of France, Morocco, Egypt, Switzerland and Poland took part in this festival. They learned how to do sword fighting, stage fighting, creating their own music and how to direct a documentary. They did not perform on stage; they performed as ‘Street Theater’ inside the biomes. The place, people they have met, lessons they took part in and the teachers they were exposed to will definitely stay in their memories for the rest of their lives. Some things are only lived once, and Eden Project is one of it.