ELT Conference with Our Guest of Honour Türkan Şoray
ELT Conference with Our Guest of Honour Türkan Şoray
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The 13th Annual English Language Teaching Conference themed ‘The Art of Teaching- Jazz Up Your Style’ took place on February 25th at Çevre College with the guest of honour Türkan ŞORAY.

Çevre College, renowned for its success in international projects, continues to contribute to foreign language education in Turkey with the 13th Annual ELT Conference.
The ELT Conference organized by Çevre College every year, was held on February 25, 2017 at its Erenköy Campus with the participation of approximately 700 English teachers and publishers from all around Turkey.

The conference, which Türkan Şoray participated as a guest of honour, Özgür Bolat, Paul Seligson and Jamie Keddie were the plenary speakers who presented methods, ideas and innovations that could be implemented in English classes as well as approaches to life and students.

Apart from the plenary speaker, the participants attended workshops, where they had an opportunity to share experiences, methods and techniques regarding English teaching and look into the developing technological approaches and programmes in order to jazz up a teacher’s style in the classroom. During the day, teachers got the chance to meet with publishers and learn about the assortment of books in their portfolio.

The attendees had a pleasant time in the conference sponsored mainly by Oxford University Press, Macmillan Education, Pearson, Cambridge University Press and Macenta.

Nurhan DENİZ, Çevre College High School Principal, explains that the success and continuity of Çevre ELT conferences for 13 years to be a result of "perseverance, dedication, research and being open to development".

Leyla BİLGİN, General Manager of Çevre College, stated that they are proud and happy to train not only Çevre College teachers but also teachers all around Turkey through the seminars and trainings open to public. She added that they take education as a matter of social responsibility.