An Epic Republic Day Ceremony at Çevre College
An Epic Republic Day Ceremony at Çevre College
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An Epic Republic Day Ceremony at Çevre College


Çevre College celebrated the 94th anniversary of our Republic exuberantly in a festive atmosphere. The 29th October week is started with an exhibition of Atatürk photographs. The exhibition attracted a great deal of attention from students and other visitors.

The Republic Day Ceremony, attended by nearly 2,000 guests, was held on Friday, October 27 at the school yard. The carefully crafted demonstrations of Çevre College students were exhibited in a giant co-production.

The ceremony started with the band and the pulse show and continued with the dramas and dances that depicted the epic liberation struggle that led to the Republic. With modern dance performance and anthems played by the school orchestra, the audiences once again lived in the excitement and pride of the Republic.

At the end of the ceremony, one could feel everyone saying proudly and thrilled, "Long live the Republic!" under the confetti shower.

For those who were not able to attend the ceremony could experience the wonderful atmosphere through live broadcast.

As Çevre College, we are proud to have organised yet another memorable ceremony and we wish many happy anniversaries in the path enlightened by Atatürk