3. Grades Author Activity (Nilay Yılmaz)
3. Grades Author Activity (Nilay Yılmaz)
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3. Grades Author Activity (Nilay Yılmaz)


We hosted author Nilay YILMAZ in the conference hall on 22.11.2018 with our 3rd grade students as a part of culture and art trips.

As a part of World Children Rights Day celebrated on 20th November, we read, thought and drew pictures about the story “Kırılmayan Hayaller” which tells the story of children who stand up for their rights, and of adults who do not raise their children in comfort and support their journey of life. By painting and cutting our drawings, we accompanied the challenging journey of Camsu who is the hero of the story.

We were very excited to hear Nilay Yilmaz, sharing information about the formation process of her book “Kırılmayan Hayaller” the things she has experienced throughout her journey and the secret passwords in the book.

At the end of the event, the author Nilay Yılmaz signed her book “Kırılmayan Hayaller”  and drew attention to Children Rights.