Çanakkale War Medal at Çevre College
Çanakkale War Medal at Çevre College
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Çanakkale War Medal at Çevre College


Çanakkale Victory was won thanks to our nation and its heroic sons, our Mehmetçik. Our soldiers, who showed outstanding courage and exemplary heroism and who contributed to this victory were awarded a special medal known as the Çanakkale War Medal during the First World War. This medal is displayed in our school. This war medal, designed in the shape of a five-pointed star, has a wide crescent in the middle, and inside the crescent there is a tughra of the Ottoman Sultan, Sultan Mehmet Reşat.

The medal, which our students examined with curious eyes attracted everyone’s attention. Details about the medal are:

The war medal is attached to the right chest on the uniform. This medal has a 29 millimeter wide red stripe.

The War medal also draws attention to the medal-winning photographs of Atatürk, the founder of our Republic.

This war medal was called the “Gallipoli Star” by the British. It was defined by the Germans as the “Iron Crescent” (Eiserner Halbmond).

 We would like to thank Harbiye Military Museum and Cultural Centre Command and the museum manager Colonel Ömer Faruk Arslan for their support to our event.