Never-ending Success in Swimming!
Never-ending Success in Swimming!
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Our students were successful in the Ministry of Education’s Juniors Swimming Championship, held on 23rd-25th February, in Istanbul. The Junior Girls Swimming Team and the Junior Boys Swimming team came in second in the competition. We wish all our teams future success in the Turkey Group Champion’s League that will be held on the 23rd of March.

Individual and Team Results:
Meriç Demirtepe- 50M second runner-up in the backstroke category, 100M third runner-up- backstroke
Nehir Öz- 100M third runner-up in butterfly, 50M third runner-up in freestyle swimming,100M fourth runner-up in freestyle swimming
Filiz Sara Alpan- 100M fourth runner-up in butterfly stroke, 50M fourth runner-up in breaststroke, 
Duru Oncuoğlu- 50M first runner-up in freestyle swimming, 100M second runner-up in freestyle swimming and butterfly stroke, 200M fourth runner-up in freestyle swimming
Hüseyin Ersoy -50M fourth runner-up in breaststroke, 100M Second runner-up in freestyle swimming
Junior Girls Swimming Team 4X100M first runner-up in freestyle relay
Junior Boys Swimming Team 4x100M second runner-up in freestyle relay
Junior boys swimming team 4x100M second runner-up in mixed relay

We congratulate all our students and teachers. We wish them good luck for the championships!