New Success From Cevre High School!
New Success From Cevre High School!
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Our “Young Female Swimming Team” came first in “MEB Young Group Swimming Championship” that took place on 01-02 March in Gebze. The individual and group results are as follows:

Sezin Eligül, first runner-up in 100 m and 50 m butterfly stroke, firstin 200m butterfly stroke and 200 m in freestyle 

Beyza Deniz,first in 50 m backstroke, second runner-up in 100 m backstroke

Betül Gündoğdu, first runner-up 100 m Freestyle,first in 200 m Freestyle and 400 m Freestyle

Asude Kopuz,first in 400 m medley swimming, first runner-up in 200 ve 50 metre breast stroke, second runner-up in 200 m medley swimming

Defne Kurt, first in 200 m backstroke, 200 m butterfly and 400 m medley swimming

Flag Teams:
Beyza Deniz, Sezin Eligül, Defne Kurt, Eda Yazıcı: First in 4x100 m medley swimming 

Sezin Eligül, Betül Gündoğdu, Defne Kurt, Beyza Deniz: First in 4x100 m medley relay

We congratulate our students and teachers on their success.