Cevre High School in Silicon Valley
Cevre High School in Silicon Valley
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Cevre High School in Silicon Valley

Cevre High School Prep, 9-10-11th grade students went to Silicon Valley under the supervision of Gülhan Pamuk (Math teacher), Şebnem Gönen (General Manager) and Ülkü Akpolat (High School Vice Principal) between April 3th and 12st, 2024. In addition to visiting the world’s most important IT center, Silicon Valley and the leading universities of UCLA, Berkeley, Caltech, Stanford, they also attended the trainings.

We had an interview with the scientist Umut Yıldız and Fırat Yaşar at The California Institute of Technology (CALTECH). Fırat Yaşar, who works as a researcher in the fields of deep space communication and astrophysics at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), holds a PhD in Astrochemistry, Molecular Astrophysics at Leiden University Observatory, Netherlands. Umut Yıldız is a popular science writer and speaker. Our students were very impressed by him and with the university facilities. We also went to the SPACE X.

We had a pleasant time visiting Intel, Apple, Meta and Google in California’s Silicon Valley, which is the indispensable icon of technology giants.

We met with Dr. Cem Başçeri, the CEO of QROMIS COMPANY, a renowned Turkish entrepreneur who graduated top of his class from METU’s Department of Metallurgical Engineering and holds over 200 patents in semiconductor technologies. They learned about his inventions, his company, his educational journey and also received career planning advice.

In addition to educational expeditions, we also made our Western America tour. We went to Universal Studios, where the world’s biggest movie productions are shot, and to the amusement park Six Flags Magic Mountain. Our students had a pleasant day with their trips to Beverly Hills, Griffith Observatory, Stars of Fame Hollywood and Santa Monica. We explored the San Diego Old Town Area and had the opportunity to visit Solvang Danish Village in Santa Barbara.

With this trip, our students had a solid experience in the fields of mathematics, physics, engineering, software, information technologies, while developing on the way to be individuals who can solve problems, think critically, catch up with their age and develop an analytical perspective on problems. Our students represented our school very well in the workshops and seminars they attended. Congratulations to our students who participated in our educational trip.