Ista Drama Festivali
ISTA Drama Fest
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ISTA Drama Festivali


Çevre College is proud to have hosted its first high school ISTA Drama Festival this year on November 24th to November 27th 2022. ISTA is an international organization where students learn to improve their social skills, body langauge and build their language and confidednce. Çevre College participated with 19 students who started with no idea of what it means to be part of ISTA to students who are in total love for the art and work created. Seeing the students along with the other visiting schools become one united body left the audience in awe of how much as adults we have to learn from students, pure acceptance of each other and understanding.

 Çevre College is hoping to continue its collaboration with ISTA and will be attending the festival that will be held in Lisbon on February 28 to March 5th 2023.