“Destination Imagination Tournament“  Poland
“Destination Imagination Tournament“ Poland
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"Destination Imagination Tournament"  Poland

This year our school, with 4 students from the 7th grade and a Science teacher Gülnihal Yıldırım as the advisor, participated in the "International Destination Imagination Tournament 2024" held in Warsaw, Poland, between March 11-13.

During the opening ceremony, our students proudly represented our school alongside teams from other countries. The drama displayed by our team during the tournament received great admiration.

In the Buddy Team Challenge, where our team was paired with Polish teams, they demonstrated high performance in solving the given tasks.

In the Instant Challenge, our students won everyone's appreciation by using their creativity in on-the-spot tasks.


Upon learning that the Turkish team had arrived in Poland, the Embassy sent a representative to congratulate our team.



They had diverse experiences in the workshops they attended.

During the remaining time after the organization, our students had the opportunity to explore the city of Warsaw and left Poland with a unique and enjoyable experience.