One of Global Social Leaders top 5 finalists: Our project “One Bag Less”
One of Global Social Leaders top 5 finalists: Our project “One Bag Less”
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One of Global Social Leaders top 5 finalists: Our project “One Bag Less”


Advised by our English teachers, our 5th graders have become one of the top 5 finalists with their projects entitled ‘One Bag Less’ in Global Social Leaders competition, which is based on United Nations development and sustainability goals. We congratulate our students on their worldwide success.

A group of 5th graders, guided by their English teachers, developed a project based on the United Nations Development Sustainable Goals and supported by Global Social Leaders (GSL), Future Foundations UK and Çevre College. Their aim is to promote “Responsible Consumption and Production”, raise awareness on the way plastic bags negatively affect our environment and our lives, and provide possible solutions.

On Saturday 5th May 2018 the “One Bag Less!” project team and a group of 20 volunteers from 4th and 5th grades led by their English Skills teachers and accompanied by the  school vice principals had a walk on Bagdad Street. The group is passionate about nature and is motivated by their desire to keep the environment clean and to stop plastic pollution.  During the walk, the students approached passers-by and onlookers and engaged them in short conversations. The aim was to raise awareness towards the dangers of using plastic mostly, plastic bags which are offered as “gifts” by all the shops! At the same time they provided them with possible solutions. Carrying banners with slogans against the use of plastic, providing flyers and information to people on the street, they took a step forward in making a difference in our lives, our community and in the world. Their voices were heard and they didn’t go unnoticed! Amongst others, Bunyamin Sürmeli, a CNN weather forecast presenter was impressed by our students’ campaign, supported and commented: “A group of little children, crossing the street, wearing white caps and t-shirts are warning all of us ‘Leave me a healthy world where I can live’! Instead of playing games at weekends they are trying to wake us up.”

“One Bag Less!” project focuses not on changing the old, but building the new.